Discover and heal the belief system blueprint holding you back in your life, Embrace the wisdom, life lessons and joys that came with your experiences, Shift from the limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions of the past to the creative possibilities in the present, Empower yourself with a new vision of yourself to manifest in your life.

The first session is a consultation session of one hour and thirty minutes. You will let me know what challenges you are facing and I will share how I work. We will discuss a plan of action together and get started with an initial energetic work of tapping to start to release the stress.


Sessions can be done in person or on zoom. The sessions include some coaching, EFT tapping (the Emotional Freedom Technique) and the more advanced version Matrix Reimprinting which allows you to transform limiting beliefs stemming from traumas in your past and also work on manifesting your future that is more aligned with your authentic self.

Both 60 minute and 90 minute sessions are available.
An individual 90 minute session costs USD157.
An individual 60 minute session costs USD 127.
I offer a package of three sessions of 90 minutes at USD441 (save USD30).

For continuous permanent residents of Lebanon please contact me for pricing details.There are no packages. Payments are made prior to the session.

If this is your first time working with me, please book a free 20 minute consultation to see how I can help. Payments are made prior to the session. Any cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to the session otherwise it will be considered a paid session.


Choose your Session

Free 20 minute Consultation Call

First time working with me?

Email me to book a free 20 minute consultation call to meet each other, discuss your challenges, what you wish to achieve and how I can help you.


60 minute session

In our session together, you can release stress, anxiety or fears stuck in your body so that you can feel calm and confident.



90 minute session

In our session together, we will explore and release any emotional , mental and energetic blockages including limiting beliefs impacting your life today that are from past trauma or unprocessed negative experiences.


Package of 3 sessions of 90 minutes

In these sessions together, we will take a deep dive into understanding and transforming core underlying patterns impacting your life that are from past trauma or unprocessed negative experiences.




” Lena guides you on your own path, where you discover the depth of your existence, transforming your pains and suffering into treasures and pearls to be offered for life. My session was a life changing experience! The space she holds is so vast that you can go to whatever space – no matter how dark it might be – and from there step by step help unwind the knots of life to free yourself. With clarity of intuition, Lena knows how to ask the right question, in moments of confusion, doubts or despair… well supported and held by Lena through any form of struggle, I felt like a hero who had reached the light, which deeply nurtured my whole being. With her deep love towards life, her vast experience and her strong connection to the human collective Lena can support you in any state, allowing your journey to be a liberation. It’s a great gift, to know your powerful, loving kindness Lena!”

Hannah Reich, Germany