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Discover and heal the belief system blueprint holding you back in your life, Embrace the wisdom, life lessons and joys that came with your experiences, Shift from the limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions of the past to the creative possibilities in the present, Empower yourself with a new vision of yourself to manifest in your life. The first session is a consultation session of one hour and thirty minutes. You will let me know what challenges you are facing and I will share how I work. We will discuss a plan of action together and get started with an initial energetic work of tapping to start to release the stress.

Each session lasts for 1hr 30 minutes and costs USD135 and 150,000LL ($100 for Lebanese residents).  I offer a package of four sessions at USD460 (save USD80) and 480,000LL or 320$ (save 120,000LL).

Sessions can be done in person or over skype.
The sessions include some coaching, basic EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique tapping and the more advanced version Matrix Reimprinting which allows you to transform limiting beliefs stemming from traumas in your past and also work on manifesting your future that is more aligned with your authentic self.

Individual sessions

Booking for individual sessions (Each session lasts for 1hr 30 minutes).


Package of 4 sessions

Transform trauma-limiting beliefs from your past and work towards the manifestation of your future (package of four sessions).


“ If we can free ourselves of the limited emotions of the past.

We can use that energy to create a new future. ”

Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Lena Bahou

Phone: +96176 011 831
Skype: lena bahou