A Program to Get UNstuck and Feel Empowered to Take the Lead in Your life.

Are you feeling the call to make a change in your life but feel trapped in your insecurities & fears?

Do you find yourself unable to step out of cycles of blame and judgment towards yourself and/or others, but really want to breakthrough your victim mindset to feel more self-empowered and don’t know how?

Are you feeling stuck with how things are right now and wished you had the clarity, courage, and confidence to change?

Hi! My name is Lena and if the above sound familiar to you, then I invite you to join my upcoming deep 9-week program to become more empowered and confident to take the lead in your life so that you can live it with passion and joy in alignment with your authentic self.
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Why did I passionately create this 9-week Journey, How to Meet Yourself: Detox from Judgment & Shine Your Light in the World?

My wakeup call came several years ago in 2015 when I suddenly developed a severe neck injury that left me incapacitated and in excruciating pain for a week. During that time, the pain in my neck felt like sharp electrical shocks that prevented me from doing anything including changing clothes, opening my laptop, lifting a glass of water, or sleeping. I was forced to stop which I hadn’t done at all before in my life.

It was in this forced pause with my terrible neck pain and feeling all alone that my moment of truth emerged: I asked myself if I was happy in my life. I knew I was miserable, disappointed, and disillusioned by how things had turned out even though I thought I had done everything I was supposed to. I asked myself, “Is this it? Is this my life? If I died next week, would I feel peaceful and fulfilled?”

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My answer was direct, “Hell NO!” I realised I would regret my life because I was not living. I was on autopilot survival mode in the rat race of my academic profession. I had become an anxious, judgmental, and secretly insecure person though outwardly I seemed confident and was successful. And now I was getting a message that my overwhelmed system had shut down and I felt helpless about it.

Exhausted from resisting my current debilitating situation, I surrendered to what my body wanted me to know: that it was time for me to get real with myself and to seek support and healing. The holistic acupuncturist I visited at the end of the week relieved most of my pain but strongly encouraged me to look at the emotional pain that lay underneath. I realised that I had manifested the circumstances of my life because I had chosen a familiar, safe, and validated by others carved out path. And my body and health had tried to give me little messages along the way that I was going against myself, but I ignored all the stress signals until it slapped me with paralyzing pain, a deterioration in my health and a looming depression.

In re-examining my life, I realised that I had made a lot of fear-based choices and that different possibilities would open to me if I chose from a place of love instead of fear. There began my extraordinary journey inward to align with my authentic self and release the conditionings and traumas from my upbringing that did not serve me any longer.

Three months after this blessed forced pause, I left my academic job and I moved from Scotland to Lebanon without knowing what I would do exactly. Trusting the calling in my heart, I went on a long, expensive, curvy, bumpy road of different healers, teachers, energy practitioners, trainings, workshops, and courses. I became so aligned with my true self, my purpose found me and enabled me to bring all my knowledge, skills, values, and innovativeness together as an energy psychology facilitator, EFT tapping & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Soma Breathwork instructor.


Today I am a much more loving, kinder, compassionate, joyful, and authentic human being who is living her purpose and who is in love with life.

My aim through this ten-week program is to give you updated knowledge and practical tools that I learned and developed, that I wish I had had when I was struggling and felt lost.

The program is based on these Five Key Steps to get UNstuck and Awaken Your Empowered Self to Shine Your Light in the World WITHOUT Turning Your Life Upside Down.

  • Understanding your judgements and unhealed wounds.

  • Bringing light into your shadows.

  • From feeling drained to restoring your vital energy.

  • Making peace with your past.

  • Empowering yourself and regaining your freedom.


    You Don’t Need to Live in an Indian Temple, Isolate Yourself from the World or Become a Barefoot Hippie Just to Feel Empowered to Take the Lead in Your Life.


    What Participants are Saying

    “I realised through this program that I have the power to change everything in my life which is the scariest thing but also the most beautiful thing in the world if you decide to do it. If you lose hope in life, programs like this will give it back to you. Knowing that you have the power to change your life and see everything and everyone including yourself differently in a more loving way, a more empowering way is a game changer; it then becomes the first day of the rest of your life. Now after the program I feel more confident to serve others and help others on their journey.”


    “Before the detox from judgment program I wasn’t happy, I was afraid that I wasn’t living to my potential and used to wake up with fear in my heart. I joined this program because it supported me with the growth, reflection, and practice of where I wanted to go because I was lost – so I needed this program structure to dig deep, experience and practice what we were discussing. The combination of everything in the program it being a journey, the group, the readings, the breathing, the meditations, the practical exercises, the talking and the subjects chosen was what I was looking for. As a result of the program, I feel more re-aligned and learned to trust myself independent of what was happening around me. Now I feel more alive. I enjoy spending time with my husband and my kids, I am less reactive and listen more, I am more present. Even my husband told me I have changed because I am happier.

    Myriam Choueiri

    “The chain of events that happened in the program is very impressive.  I feel I am starting to step up and take responsibility for my life – I won’t do things I don’t want to do. I feel like a different person. I am the one deciding now. I stopped living for others. It’s my turn.”


    “I felt the power within me to make changes in my family and work life. What was special about this program was the group and individual attention, the analysis of the subjects, the journaling, the Soma Breathing and all the follow-ups you did – though I am very busy I made time for it because it was so enriching. And the one-on-one individual session I did with you was very healing I don’t feel guilt or shame anymore about what had happened in my life. I am at peace.”

    Zeina Aouad

    “This program will have a long-lasting impact on me it’s not like I put on make-up and took it off – This is a program for life, and it will come with me everywhere I go.”

    Tiffany Murr


    I have been facilitating this program since 2017 with small groups of people so that I can give my complete dedication to each participant and their journey, which is why places are very limited. Below I describe what the program entails.

    Program Curriculum

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    1Week 1: From Living in Autopilot to Reclaiming Your Authentic Self .
    How can we use a new understanding of the ego, unworthiness, shame, vulnerability, and judgment to shed light on our inner conflicts that block the expression of our authentic self?

    Self-awareness of how you unconsciously cover up your sense of unworthiness and vulnerability, is the first step in understanding why you are blocked in unwanted patterns in your life.

    2Week 2: Understanding Your Judgments as Unhealed Wounds .
    What are your own patterns of judgment? What wounds lie underneath them and what can we do to heal?

    Recognizing why and how your judgments are driven by your insecurities and fears, will allow you to bring more kindness and compassion to yourself and others, unlocking the door to healing and wellbeing.

    3Week 3: Bringing Light to Your Shadows: Your Hidden Power.
    What is the shadow self and how can I learn to embrace its hidden gifts and become whole?

    Working on your shadow or the parts of your self you rejected will enable you to overcome your own internal prejudices/judgments and embrace the greatest expression of yourself.

    4Week 4: Understanding Your Unconscious Programming.
    What is the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering?

    Understand the ways in which your own upbringing has and continues to condition your decisions, choices and behaviours in your life that are not for your deepest wellbeing and fulfilment so that you can make different choices that value who you are.

    5Week 5: Breaking Free from Old Programmings.
    How can you develop and apply a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform your life to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love?

    Become aware of which current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours no longer serve you and which ones would nourish the kind of life you would love and start to embody your intention and associated elevated emotions right now.
    6Week 6: Making Peace with Your Past: The Truth About Forgiveness.
    What is forgiveness and why is it so hard? How would self-forgiveness transform your life?

    Recognizing where you are still holding unconscious deep-seated resentment, will free you from being held hostage to your past and enable you to have more energy to create your future.
    7Week 7: Everything is Energy & Energy is Everything.
    What are the chakras or energy centers and how can knowledge of them help balance and revitalise your energy?

    When you learn to anchor, align, nourish, and protect your precious energy, you will change your life.
    8Week 8: Setting Healthy Boundaries.
    What are healthy boundaries and how do you know when it is time to set them? Why do we struggle so much with boundaries?

    Recognizing where your boundaries with others are too loose or too rigid and why, will enable you to practice valuing yourself from a place of love and not fear.
    9Week 9: The Courage to Create & Live the Life of your Dreams.
    Overcoming the challenges to setting healthy boundaries & upgrading your life with courage, clarity, and ease.

    When you have a bigger clearer vision for yourself, for the kind of life you want to live, and who you want to become, you can then take steps joyfully and easily to manifest it.

    If you could change something in your life what would that be?

    Let me support and guide you through this deep dive into rediscovering yourself and shifting inside-out. This is what you will receive in the program:

    9 Weeks of educational content to understand what lies underneath your patterns, to reconnect deeply with yourself, and turn your inner light on.

    9 x 3-hour Live Group sessions where you’ll get all the support you need to keep progressing on your journey.

    1x individual private session with me to release emotional and mental blocks that are preventing you from living your life in alignment with your authentic self.

    8 Pre-Recorded Meditations to practice on your own and easily integrate into your daily routine.

    Weekly Workbook to keep track of your progress and have everything you need in the same place.

    Unlimited emotional support from me in between sessions where I will accompany you throughout the whole process.

    Accountability partner and a beautiful supportive community with a WhatsApp group.

    One-on-one interview with Lena at the end of the program to reflect on your journey, shifts, challenges overcome, and vision of your next steps.

    *Bonus 1: Online weekly Soma Breath sessions for free during the 3 months of the program to deepen your connection with yourself, replenish your energy and elevate your awareness to another level.

    *Bonus 2: Additional post-program session to reflect together what is coming up for you.

    This is the time for you now, to show up for yourself with compassion, confidence, and authenticity, and put yourself first because you are worth this investment.
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    Not sure if this program is for you? Please contact me for a chat by email drlenabahou@gmail.com or call me at +961 76 011 831.

    Testimonials About the Program

    This program ignited the true light that was buried deep within me, and I found out the truth behind my dreams and it revealed my purpose. No words can describe the gratitude for such an extraordinary enlightening path, for the limitless breakthroughs concerning fears, limits and judgements towards oneself and others.”

    Maria Ghanem

    The program was a journey of self-creation – it was incredible, I was so impressed – I had already done many courses in the past in the US but none of them worked – this though really worked. I loved the meditations and the tools – healing the past and visualising the future self were fantastic. Before the program, I was feeling stuck on every level and had hit a wall in my life.I am very judgmental with myself and I felt detoxying could be a huge step forward for me. Because so many things have happened in my life that I didn’t process I didn’t know where to start or how to do it on my own. In this program I found tools and understanding that could help me create more freedom and happiness in my life. The program reminded me of how it’s possible to actively recreate ourselves through the meditations and embody the changes of the new Yasmina. I touched hope again in my heart and this made me so happy.  The program felt like we were standing on a gold mine except that we must practice what we learned. I learned how to take charge of who I wish to become. In a very practical way, I also got to access the mystical side to myself that I had lost.”

    Yasmina Choueiri

    “Before doing the program I was very anxious, lost, and static. After the program I feel I have a lot more direction, I feel more determined. I am calmer, centered and grounded. I speak up with more confidence. The most important thing I learned is that I am not blocked, I can move, shift – I have so much potential that I can develop. It was so empowering in so many ways because you were teaching me things that I can do myself to help myself, to take care for myself and make changes to my life and so I felt in control, the power is in me over my thoughts, feelings, and future actions even though everything is uncertain in the world. This program will have a long-lasting impact on me it’s not like I put on make-up and took it off – This is a program for life, and it will come with me everywhere I go.”

    Tiffany Murr

    “I didn’t expect to get so many results from a program. There were many things I couldn’t get rid of before the program like the imposter syndrome, doubting myself, not believing in myself and not having the courage or confidence to change my life even though I had done many workshops before and had many deaths and rebirths. I feel a lot more connected with myself, I talk to myself in a kinder way and I have the muscle memory now to stop the negative self talk. And i discovered that my empowered self is here inside of me – it was always there it just needed to come out. I also understood my relationship with my parents more and could start to let go of my need to save them. And I feel I have a soul bond with everyone in the group – the way we connected with each other was very special. And you Lena presented the themes so well and made the information so easy and accessible whether you are someone spiritual and had been working on yourself for a long time or someone that was just starting their work on themself.  Now after the program I feel more confident to serve others and help others on their journey.”

    Nour Salibi