The 21 DAY Awakening SOMA BREATH JOURNEY to embody a higher vision of yourself


Through a unique alchemical process of rapid transformation, this Awakening Journey propels you beyond old subconscious limitations that hold you back from living in the radiance, freedom, and wisdom of your true self.

Without having to dedicate long hours before experiencing results

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up...

My name is Lena and I am a Master Soma Breath Instructor and I love guiding people through this incredible 21 Day journey that will take you to the next level of self-awareness, healing, flow and confidence.

This course has an initial introductory component followed by 3 weeks working through distinct breathwork meditations and self-reflective exercises each week to guide you to attune to your deep life’s desires, peel away old conditionings, and embody who you want to be in your new life.

Each breathwork meditation session consists of diaphragmatic rhythmical breathwork followed by a series of breath retention techniques.

During the introductory period you will be given some thought provoking exercises and a video tutorial of how to perfect the breathing technique so that you are fully prepared for the first live meditation. Once the introductory period is complete, there will be one 2hr live session each week (total of 3 live sessions + a wrap up session at the end = 4 live sessions in total) accompanied by downloadable guided meditations and exercises to work through during the remainder of the week.

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Week 1: Tune in

This week is all about re-balancing your nervous system, releasing the blockages that no longer serve you and tapping into your creative imagination. You will receive a guided and relaxing breathwork meditation to repeat daily.
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Week 2: Awaken

This week awakens your ‘inner pharmacy’ strengthening, healing, and nourishing your body, while activating mind-heart coherence and upgrading the thought patterns & habits to align you with your higher vision. You will receive a new guided breathwork meditation to repeat daily which will take you deeper into yourself.
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Week 3: Embody

This week introduces a gradual faster breathing pattern energizing the mind-body system and opening the channels to receive profound insights and creative downloads. You will receive a new guided breathwork to take your breathing and meditation to a whole other level where you will release natural healing hormones to bring you into a state of deep connection, bliss, and love.
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Week 4: Reflect

Final group call to reflect and share inspiration and insights revealed throughout the 21 Day Awakening Journey. Through contemplation and self-inquiry, we turn insight into action with next steps to translate inner learning into outer positive impact.

The Foundational Elements of the 21 Day Awakening Journey

This course powerfully combines the world's most transformational modalities and scientifically based ancient practices and wisdom to unlock the power and medicine within you.

SOMA has expertly integrated the golden gems of NLP, pranayama, heart-brain coherence, Intermittent hypoxia training, law of attraction, creative visualization, sub-conscious reprogramming, meditation, and life mentoring to bring you a most potent and impactful transformation formula.

Step 1: Creative Visualisation | Your Average Perfect Day

Your journey through life can be described as a series of dots that mark important milestones, such as a book you read, a chance encounter, a conversation you had or a course you decided to study.

We help you achieve your first ‘dot’ or milestone towards your dream life targets using the APD (average perfect day) guided meditation technique. APD is a method that uses the power of your creative imagination to create a vision, feeling and sense of clarity about your dream life targets. We then chunk these goals down into realistic and achievable milestones.

Step 2: Experience the Awakening Breath Journey

The Awakening is a powerful intention setting breathwork practice that will help create unstoppable momentum, motivation and drive to reaching your first ‘milestone’ towards your average perfect day.

This transformative breathwork technique supercharges you into a state of passion, flow and determination by raising your emotional energy to high self-esteem and confidence. Peak performance coaches recognise that passion is the number one factor for success.

Step 3: Reprogram Limiting Beliefs | Activate New Potentials

This technique is also a powerful self-hypnotic tool for seeding your intentions deep into your subconscious mind, programming your brain stem to tune into the frequency of reality that is essential for you to reach your dream life targets.

Be prepared for a life full of positive surprises and synchronicities when you begin your journey of awakening to your full human potential.


Step 4: Intermittent Hypoxia Training

The Awakening breathwork naturally stimulates the scientifically proven method of intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) without needing the expensive equipment that is essential for IHT. You will learn how to integrate this powerful technique that enables you to become more efficient at using oxygen, become more resilient to stress and increase your overall health and longevity.


The SOMA Breath 21 Day Awakening Journey is currently being studied by Cambridge University.

"We chose to collaborate with Soma Breath due to its very clear and systematic approach, and the effectiveness of the method as per clear report from those participating and the researchers coordinating the study."


What you will receive in the 21Day Awakening Journey

* Unlimited access to all recordings and the replay of all 4 live sessions

* Three webinar recordings from a previous 21 Day Awakening Journey guided by Niraj

* 30 training videos led by Niraj

* Online training material including thought provoking exercises, Breathwork Meditations & Tutorials

* Lifetime access to the complete 21 Day Awakening Breath Journey

* Guided Breathwork tutorials teaching you 5 core therapeutic Breathwork techniques ($99)

* Access to the 21 Day Awakening Journey global community

* Your Breath Shall Set You Free E-Book

* Additional 25 minute guided Breathwork Meditation upon course completion (Worth $49)

By the end of The 21 Day Awakening Journey you’ll learn how to:

* Use your breath for releasing stored trauma in the body

* Be your own teacher and heal at a pace you feel confident with

* Release anxiety, tension, and stress in the body and align with your true self

* Develop an intuition for growth and transformation, manifesting the life you’ve only dreamed of

* Trust yourself more and step fully into radical self-reliance

* Have a science-backed formula to rely on anytime you need it

NOTE: This system is designed to compliment your existing treatment, but not replace it without your doctors supervision. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


The next 21 Day Soma Awakening Journey to jumpstart 2023 with an upgraded blueprint of Health, Worthiness & Empowered Manifestations:

4 Live Calls while you do the exercises and practice during the week and share reflections and questions in a private telegram group.


     Call 1: Tuesday May 23rd, 2023

   Call 2: Tuesday May 30th, 2023

   Call 3: Tuesday June 6th , 2023

   Call 4: Tuesday June 13th, 2023


 Each call takes place at the same time: 6:30pm-8:30pm CET (Central European time) or 7:30pm-9:30pm Beirut time or 12:30pm-2:30pm EST (New York time)


Regular Soma Breath 21 Day Awakening Journey Price 497 USD

For a limited period, I am offering a special discounted price

Early Bird: 297 USD 

Regular Bird: 357 USD

Repeaters 157 USD

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Meet Dr. Lena Bahou – Your Guide

My own struggles with anxiety, burn-out and disconnection from self led me on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, healing, awakening and self-realisation.

My life experiences as well as my diverse professional background and training in psychology, education, Soma breathwork, energy psychology practices such as EFT Tapping, and meditation have inspired me to assist people who want to step into their own self-healing, transform emotional blockages and empower themselves to elevate their lives towards their higher life-purpose.  One of my essential skills is to help people to uncover their own inner resourcefulness and knowingness so that they can direct their own lives in harmony with their true self.


Frequently Asked Questions

1How much time does the program take?
The upcoming program lasts 21 days. You’ll want to set aside 2-3 hours a week for 3 weeks. Here’s how that breaks down:

• You’ll join the weekly LIVE (or replay) coaching calls with our instructors (2 hours per week)

• You’ll learn 2 to 4 core exercises per week (15 minutes per week)

• You’ll start the meditation practice that takes about 20 minutes a day

• You may also want to set aside additional personal time for practicing the exercises, meditate, and reflect (optional)
2When does the next program begin?
I will be facilitating three separate groups for the 21 Day Awakening starting in January 2023. One group will be live in person at my residence in Baabdat, Lebanon and two groups will be online. Depending on which group you join, you will receive all the info in a welcome email.

For the two groups online, if you can’t join live, you’ll gain access to the student portal and can watch the recording anytime. You have lifetime access to the whole 21 Day program and its Soma Breath meditations.
3Is this program right for me?
The 21 Day Awakening Journey is a protocol designed to help anyone improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Whatever answers you’re looking for, this program will help you get closer to your truth. It will help you understand yourself better, your values, meta programming, and figure out who you truly are and what you really want in life.

The process will help you remove attachments to past trauma and limiting beliefs and will also show you how to “rewire” your brain and install the beliefs that you need, to effortlessly create the life you truly want in full alignment with your core values.

This is done with Self Hypnosis and deep visualization techniques, mixed with transformational breathwork, and try natural music technology.

Through this process, you will also discover simple breathing techniques that will help your body feel amazing anytime you want and you will have these for the rest of your life.

Eventually, you will wake up, already in a good mood with full excitement for the day ahead and you will have the mental clarity to pursue your goals with passion and fulfillment.

In 21 days you will assimilate a new habit in your life that will be with you forever, always helping you improve the quality of your life.
4Is Soma Breath safe for everyone?
The techniques of SOMA Breath are very safe if practiced properly and learned from a trained SOMA Breath instructor. The breath retention techniques should be done with caution for people who have severe hypertension or heart disease. Pregnant women, people with epilepsy, cancer, and heart pacers should avoid just the breath retention phases.

Hyperventilation can lead to respiratory alkalosis and so techniques like Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork or Transformational Breath should be done with caution as it can cause toxic damage and an overload of stress from excess oxygen entering the bloodstream. However, SOMA breath uses gentle, rhythmical breathwork and breath retention techniques that prevents this issue and allows more oxygen to enter into the areas it is needed without harming cells from oxidative stress.
5Who developed Soma Breath?
Niraj Naik developed what is now Soma Breathwork combining ancient breathing practices, with an updated scientific understanding of correct breathing, trynaural music he developed, and visualisation techniques.

Niraj’s story in his own words:

At the age of 24, I started selling “legal drugs” as a pharmacist. I noticed people coming in sick, getting medication to make them better, and getting worse. I couldn’t understand why the very medicine I was prescribing people was making them worse, or not helping at all. Then the unthinkable happened. I became diagnosed with my own illness and was told I’d never fully heal. That I’d have to learn to live with this illness for the rest of my life.

This is something I refused to accept.

So, I went on an inward journey with the only tool I had - my breath.

After experiencing the power of my own body and breath, my healing began to happen deep within me. My symptoms went away and I completely transformed. Even though the doctors told me I’d be sick for life, I managed to find another way using the ONE thing I was given at birth. I knew I had to share my journey with others who’ve felt as hopeless as me.

After decades of research and experiencing my own healing through the power of my breath, I launched an online community where people could show up as they are and take back their healing power - Soma Breath. A place for people who were sick and tired of doctors, leaders, and teachers dishing out false hope and promises.

I haven’t discovered something new or cracked the code to healing… I’ve simply discovered a way to show you how to take your healing into your own hands with just your breath.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over my own healing journey over the past few decades and compiled it all into one place for you to easily access and experience from the comfort of your own home and space.

In my 21 Day Awakening Journey, I’m not teaching you how to do what I did to heal my illnesses, I’m creating space for you to experience and manifest your own healing journey… and that kind of power is the power you can’t get anywhere else.

Testimonials about the Awakening 21 Day Journey

There have been thousands of students who have gone through this life transformation course that continues to provide exceptional experiences that lead to rapid growth across many facets of life.

May: "I started to manifest some wonderful things in my work! And it gave me a clearer perspective on my life and I feel more grateful"

Roula: "I became more myself, less anxious and much happier because of my daily soma breath routine thanks to this program."

Laure: "The 21 Days really changed me and brought me into brought back my passion and excitement in my daily life."


Testimonials about Soma Breath Sessions with Lena

"When I started Soma breath with Lena, I couldn't believe how simple & powerful it was. I felt so alive in my body & had a sense of a very deep connection. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace & harmony. After every session I feel my energy levels are increased and can access higher states of being & living in flow. Grateful to Lena and this journey"


"Soma breathing with Lena has helped me a lot with my anxiety, I immediately feel relaxed & energized. If you are feeling stressed & willing to experience a new & powerful way of healing the Soma sessions are worth every penny"


"At the end of each Soma Breath session I could actually feel my energy being renewed. It is so empowering you feel you are being lifted to a whole new world. Lena’s amazing guidance and support has helped me overcome many things by just letting go and surrendering to a new beginning."


“I have been struggling all my life with finding stillness, clarity, and purpose. With Lena's guided soma meditations, I am feeling closer every day to reaching that state. I can feel Lena has poured her heart and soul and resources into every aspect of the soma meditation, be it the journey, the music, the breath variations, every little detail has been so meticulously designed. I'm already feeling the shift in my life.”