• I have a BA in Psychology and an MA from Harvard University and PhD in Education from Cambridge University.

• I am a qualified practitioner in Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and in the Emotional Freedom Technique.

• I am a certified Soma Breath Master Instructor.


A few years ago, I left my successful academic job in the UK when I realised I was deeply unfulfilled and constantly stressed out. Its debilitating impact on my physical, mental and emotional health led me to take the decision that I had to make a radical change and discover my real passion in order to live life authentically rather than what I was ‘supposed to’ be doing.

It didn’t come easily because as I searched for a new beginning I held onto my need for certainty. Realising there is no such thing and letting go of what people think, I cultivated my inner knowing or compass.

I felt inspired by my own struggles, experiences and transformations, and embraced the journey itself as my destination. Cracking open to my authentic self was not a single event but part of a messy, unpredictable series of crises in my life that were powerful opportunities for growth and change.

My background in psychology, education, mindfulness, breathwork and an energy psychology healing modality (Matrix Reimprinting using the Emotional Freedom Technique) as well as life experiences led me to focus on building peace inside-out transforming emotional blockages into powerful resources by bridging energy tools, spiritual principles and emotional alchemy. One of my essential skills is to help people uncover their inner resourcefulness so that they can direct their own lives in harmony with their authentic self.

I work internationally sharing my commitment to elevating our lives individually and collectively to awaken consciousness on the planet.



“She created a safe space very quickly, allowing me to explore some quite deep, painful feelings and get a technique to reduce their impact. She is very good at picking out the heart of an issue or challenge which is really helpful. I felt supported, comfortable and encouraged, confident that I could go at my own pace without being judged. I felt safe.” Lena had taken me to myself as a child using Matrix Reimprinting. The shame, the guilt and the embarrassment that I had hidden deep inside me , now they are just a memory with no emotional attachment. This freedom with no fear to  hide... It took this amazing practitioner just a few sessions to change my life. I have found a new sense of freedom and happiness. I feel empowered. I am truly grateful.”


“A non traditional yet holistic form of therapy; Lena provides many techniques such as guided meditations, soma breathing that allow traumatic incidents to surface to light. Those incidents which are the roots of limiting beliefs thus the main reason behind hiding one's true self. Then during our one on one sessions Lena uses matrix reimprinting using EFT to resolve past traumas where we recall the damaging events, fixing them by reimprinting and tapping on points of our bodies to release emotions. Personally it helped me with; Regaining my voice, my sovereignty thus self mastery. Discovering and knowing myself and my life purposes. Relieving psychosomatic aches and illnesses. Reconnecting with my inner child. This therapy gave birth to an unlimited and expanded person.”