Do you want to heal your sabotaging patterns and transform your life?
Do you wonder why you are not achieving your goals?
Are you struggling with negative thoughts that disturb your inner peace and cause you distress?

Central to how we live, feel, interact and act is our belief system.
While some of our core beliefs are supportive, others sabotage our lives and impact our wellbeing.

About me

As an energy psychologist, I assist people from around the world who want to step into their own self-healing and empower themselves to elevate their lives towards their life-purpose. I believe life experiences often jolt us into cracking open to our authentic self, allowing us to reconnect more deeply to the truth of who we are and transform distorted perceptions about ourselves that no longer serve us. Currently, I offer individual sessions in person or over skype in the Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting. I also offer an eight-week group self-development program, Detox from Judgment to Reveal your Authentic Self, and workshops in soma awakening breathwork.

“ Return to the peace of your wholeness, Embrace the truth of who you are,

Be a lighthouse in the world ”

Dr. Lena Bahou

Did you know?

Scientific research has demonstrated that 95% of our daily activities and thoughts are controlled by our subconscious mind. Our core limiting beliefs and programs are registered in our subconscious mainly in response to traumatic experiences or by absorbing beliefs from our family or other important adults in our life. They are held in our subconscious not just as memories but as energetic imprints called ECHOS or energetic conscious holograms.

According to psychology, when we experience a trauma or unexpected stressful event, a part of us splits off or disassociates to protect us from the trauma, and this is why we often don’t remember a traumatic event after it has taken place. 

However, the unresolved trauma and associated core belief show up as patterns in our life influencing our every thought, behaviour and action, and sabotaging our success be it at work, relationships, family or health. 

With the Matrix Reimprinting technique we can work directly with these ECHOs or younger selves healing our past and regaining our freedom to be more peaceful and joyful in the present moment. Such healing at the personal level contributes to healing the consciousness of the world at a collective level in a time of great turmoil and suffering. 

To support you through your present struggles and release emotional traumas linked to your past, I offer sessions of Matrix Reimprinting. I assist people who wish to transform areas of their life where they feel stuck so that they can step into their power and purpose. Matrix Reimprinting is a deep and intense transformational process and so working with me requires taking full responsibility for your well-being. A Matrix Reimprinting session can be done in person or over skype.

“ Nothing binds you except your thoughts, Nothing limits you except your fears,

Nothing controls you except your beliefs ”

Marianne Williamson

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting allows you to change your relationship to your past and dramatically transform your physical, psychological and emotional health in the present. It is a highly advanced version of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that allows people to access core sub-conscious limiting beliefs formed in response to painful experiences in order to release the emotional charge, transform the original limiting belief into an empowering one, and reimprint a new supportive image in your cells and personal field or matrix.

A very deep work that helps you deal with your wounds and heal them thoroughly.
Liberating and empowering at the same time.
It moved me deeply but softly and it gave me the opportunity to recreate my own dealed reality to carry with me.

Joyce Lebanon

Even though my first year of college was a pleasant experience, being away from my home and family caused many different personal issues to surface. I started experiencing severe panic attacks and a lot of distress. Working with Lena and the EFT method was very helpful and eye-opening. The results were immediate, and it is a great tool to have even when you are alone. Lena is a great therapist, she has supported me and guided me to improve myself. Unlike many therapists, I really enjoy how Lena understands teenagers and knows how to relate to them.

Isabella  LA, USA

Dr. Lena Bahou

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