What is Soma Breath?

Soma Breath combines scientifically proven ancient breathing techniques such as rhythmic breathing (pranayama) and gentle breath retentions with trypnaural music and creative visualisation through active meditation to bring balance to your mind, body and soul.

The benefits of Soma breath include:

  • Increasing your energy and well-being in minutes
  • Rebalancing the nervous system
  • Reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation, depression
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Enhancing clarity, focus, memory and confidence
  • Releasing stored trauma imprints
  • Activating your sacred sexual-creative energy (kundalini)
  • Connecting more deeply with your higher self for guidance and downloads

Experience the Power of Soma Breath in this Free 7 Day Mini Course

In this FREE Foundations of SOMA Breath course you will learn about the numerous mental and physical benefits of SOMA Breath techniques through several guided and easy to do exercises.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to easily have more stamina and energy
  • Awaken your dormant super power within
  • Discover how to eliminate stress and activate HEALING
  • Master a simple routine that will easily improve your health
  • Experience one of the most FUN meditations available today

Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Soul and Call in Your True Life’s Purpose in this 21 Day Journey of Transformation

To host or participate in a Soma Breath Workshop in person or online please contact me personally.

Testimonials from People Who Have Done Soma Breath Journeys with Me in Person or Online:


 “I have always suffered with heavy breathing and the feeling of a constrained chest and fatigue. I was never able to understand how to ground myself in emotional situations and always ran out of mental processes to ‘calm myself down’. I also was never able to figure out how to stay focused and observant. When i started the soma breathing, it has become a must that i start my day with that. It made me focus on my studies more, brought me back to the present moment and empowered me to really observe inner and outer worlds, to make my days feel longer and to make my brain quieter and my body more ‘accessible’.” 
Leen El Taki



“I had a great experience doing soma breath with Lena, what I liked about this technique is that it’s very gentle, yet very powerful. I recommend it for everyone who wants to re-connect with their inner peace and wants to feel energized and cleared from our daily disturbing energies like I felt.”

Marielle Mouawad



”“Thank you for the amazing [soma breathwork] experience, actually it was fist time to know about this kind of breathing it was mind blowing and so beautiful feeling…I really felt much happiness and freedom”


Hanadi Jd Chehayeb



“I did Wim Hof breathwork before, but Soma breath was totally different. I didnt realise you could go that deep into yourself. In the workshop I wanted to work on releasing my fears and throughout the journey I cried because I was holding onto so much grief from the loss of my mother a long time ago. When she died, I didn’t cry and I thought I was fine. But in the Soma session it was all this grief that came out. I felt liberated and joyful. Thank you for an amazing soma session”


Ali Ali



 “What can i say? The soma workshop really shifted my energy. I was in a very very low place, overwhelmed with things happening with family and work and struggling to take a breath and after the session I feel revived again and joyful.”


Joyce Samaha



 “What I love about Soma is that it’s really easy to do, easy to understand and easy to stay consistent with. The philosophy behind it is rooted in ancient practices but it’s put in a modern way that’s easy for people and it doesn’t take long. What it gave me personally was clarity and it allowed me to focus especially because I am a drummer and that’s essential for my performance. It put me in the present moment and re-centered me. I highly recommend it to everybody whether you have been meditating for a long time or you haven’t done anything ever, but if you are interested in meditation soma breath is an excellent place to start”


Angelo Pendaris


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