Programs & Workshops​

I offer one eight-week small group program for self-development, Detox from Judgment: Your Journey towards Your Authentic Self, which is based on an energy psychology approach. I also offer the following workshops: Soma Awakening Breathwork Meditation and What is Matrix Reimprinting using the Emotional Freedom Technique? Please contact me for the calendar of these events.

8 week program

Are you struggling to make changes in your life and are not sure what’s holding you back? Do you want to develop more clarity and confidence to thrive in your life? Do you feel disconnected from your true self and would like to cultivate more inner peace, joy and love in your life?

I facilitate eight sessions of 2.5 hours within a small group. These sessions are interactive, lively, insightful and fun. You will feel enriched by the multiple perspectives and experiences of others, and you will feel you are not alone and that you will have developed a community of new friends that support you.

“ The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new

landscapes, but in having new eyes ”

Marcel Proust


Dr. Lena Bahou

Phone: +96176 011 831
Skype: lena bahou