Program: Detox from Judgment

There are many influences in our world that make it difficult for us to express who we truly are. Our society conditions us from a young age to internalise roles and expectations that are not necessarily in our best interest. In striving to please others, we often end up compromising or numbing our own feelings, preferences, talents and higher purpose. At some point, we may find ourselves in a cycle of feeling trapped in frustration, anger, depression and powerlessness. Letting go of the judgement that we are not good enough, while developing and strengthening our inner knowing – our authentic self – to guide us through the seasons of life is essential to our well-being, and to living a fulfilling and blossomed life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

The aim of this eight-week program is to expand your vision of who you really are and can be, and strengthen your tools to work on yourself within a supportive and enriching environment.

Themes include:

Cracking open to your authentic self 

Recognising and healing your cycle of judgement 

Deepening your connection with yourself through mindfulness

Exploring your energetic being through your chakras

Understanding how we are programmed with limiting beliefs and fear-based perceptions

Practicing forgiveness and letting go of resentment

Creating your future through a vision board

Cultivating the courage to change

8 week program, once a week for two hours
6 – 8 people maximum
Price:  Two instalments of 400,000LL with one individual coaching session
The program is offered two to three times a year in Beirut.

This program ignited the true light that was buried deep within me and I found out the truth behind my dreams and it revealed my purpose. No words can describe the gratitude for such an extraordinary enlightening path, for the limitless breakthroughs concerning fears, limits and judgements towards oneself and others.

Maria Ghanem  LA, USA

My most important realization in this program was learning how my relation with my parents and the way I was brought up early on (including religion and school) affected my choices in life. It was definitely understanding that the most important relationship is the one I have with myself, let go of jugement, and know myself worth without letting anyone make me doubt it beceause of their opinion of me.

Jana Ragheb  Dietitian and Chef Owner of Jana’s cuisine,


Thank you so much for giving such an awesome program. I enjoyed every bit of it! It really engaged me. I needed that nourishment and took it all in. What I really liked about the program is that I was familiar with the themes and I knew a facet or two but you showed me the other sides of each suject we explored like judgment, projection and triggers. What I learned about judgement and self-worth has shifted my perception in how I see people, myself and certain things. We tackled many issues that challenge us and are at the root of our struggle in life. I realized how they have imprisoned us without us being aware of and I also gained understanding and awareness on how to shift my perception to live a peaceful and ultimately a purposeful life.

Farah Nehme  Lebanon

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